During your move

During your move, you know what Unique Moving Inc will be doing, but what will you be doing?

The most important thing for most of us is remember to stay calm. Moving is unavoidably stressful and it can be easy for some of us to become so wound up with worry that we for get to just take a deep breath and relax. Allow plenty of time, get the bulk of packing done in advance.  When it all gets too much, take a few minutes, and remind yourself that before long you and all your things will safely arrive at your new home. The thousand and one tiny problems associated with relocating are only temporary, and rest assured, if you chose Unique Moving Inc, we are taking care of as many of those problems as we can.

The best advice we can offer when moving with children is to hire a sitter or have a family member watch them during the move.  If that won't be possible then it’s important to keep the kids away from the movers while boxes and furniture are being carried around. Even well-meaning children who try to help will almost certainly get underfoot. Assign them tasks like checking every cupboard for anything that’s been left behind or give them a picnic lunch in the yard to keep them busy.  

Boxes with important documents, jewelry, identification, and other valuables should stay with you. Make it clear to the moving company that they don’t need to deal with these and label them as such. If traveling by car ensure there is room for them to travel with you, if you are traveling by plane pack them in your carry on luggage if possible.

Having all boxes labelled in advance will help at the other end of the journey. Movers will be able to place each box in the right room quickly and simply. Sticky labels or paper tags should be attached to every piece of furniture for the same reason. You’ll all be tired when you get to your new home and being able to find what you need easily will make a big difference.

Put together a box with all the things you’ll need on the first night and on the first morning.

When the packing process is finished, double check all the necessary details with the movers- new address, cell phone numbers, when they’re expected to arrive and when you expect to get there yourself. Get a contact number so you can call them if necessary.

There are other phone numbers you’ll need in your new home too. The first things to find are the number for local police in your new area and the location of the nearest hospital, just in case of emergencies. 

Thanks to the internet you can collect these and note them down before leaving your old home.   Download a few takeout menus from restaurants that deliver to your new place too. The first day will probably be taken up with unpacking, arranging and rearranging furniture to suit the new rooms, and generally settling in.

Hopefully these tips can help relieve some of the stress and worry during your next move.

Wishing everyone safe and stress free moves,

Unique Moving Inc.