Tips for moving plants.

House plants and potted outdoor plants are very popular.  They provide wonderful decoration for our homes, they can become a hobby and source of relaxation to some, and many have been proven to be excellent air cleaners.  Often, little consideration is given to house plants when planning a move and they are simply placed on the truck, this is not recommended.

Here are a few tips to follow for safe and easy transportation of plants:

·         If you will be crossing state lines on your move check with each state’s agricultural agency and find out if there are any special considerations for transporting plants into or out of their state.

·         Before moving outdoor plants to a different climate zone check with a local nursery to see if there are any special considerations or if you should even move it at all.

·         Avoid watering the plants for a few days before your move if possible.  Doing this will help decrease the possibility of any water damage to other items.

·         For smaller plants double up some paper grocery bags and put a piece of cardboard at the bottom.  This will provide a stable platform for the pots and make it easier to carry around.

·         Taller plants should be covered with a large plastic garbage bag to help contain and protect the leaves and branches.  Then place the pot into a box and fill any gaps with solid foam or other hard materials.  This will make the plant more stable and help prevent a tip-over.

·         Try to place the plants in the truck/trailer last.  This will allow you to remove them easily during a multi day move when you will want to expose the plant to colder temperatures as little as possible.

·         Once you get to your destination, be sure to rehydrate your plants as soon as possible.  Even if the plant does not require watering at the time, a little H2O can help it recover from the stress of the move.

Some moving companies will not move plants at all.  We will, but taking these precautions and tips into consideration will significantly decrease the likelihood of damaging your plants and other household items during your next move.

Wishing everyone a safe and stress free move,

Unique Moving Inc.