Tips on Packing Supplies

An important part of planning your next move is ensuring that you have the proper boxes and packing supplies.  Choosing not to use the proper packing materials or using old boxes increases the likelihood of damaging your items, costing you time and money, and can lead to more stress and worry. 

Below are some packing materials you should consider having for your next move, many of which are available to purchase and order at our sister site, VC Box Brothers.



Avoid using boxes that have been used more than once or twice, or boxes that have visible wear and tear.  When purchasing new boxes try and get most of them to be the same size and shape, this will make loading and stacking easier and take up less space in the moving truck.  By maximizing space usage and saving time you can spend less money on your move.

Packing Tape:

Make sure you have enough packing tape for the job.  Not sure you got enough?  Buy a couple of extra rolls just in case.  Purchase a good quality tape dispenser.  Trust us, trying to use packing tape without a dispenser can drive you crazy and cheap dispensers are flimsy and often times break costing you more trouble than they’re worth.

Moving Pads:

A better option than old towels and rugs, a good quality moving pad will stand up to several uses.  They protect your furniture from damage and they protect your other items from your furniture.  Often times moving companies will use their own moving pads at no charge to the customer so check with them before you purchase these packing supplies for your next move.

Bubble Wrap:

Bubble wrap is hands down the best material to protect your valuables and fragile items.  It is sold in many different styles and, for reasons yet undiscovered; popping bubble wrap when you’re done using it is very satisfying.

Large Marker:

Simple, effective, and indispensible, a large black marker lets you label your boxes telling you, and your movers, what’s inside.  Mark the room or category they belong to, and instructions (such as; fragile, this end up).

Utility Knife:

You won’t need one of these to help you pack, but when it comes time to un-pack a good utility knife will make things a lot easier.  (Knives are sharp, please be careful)

There are plenty of ways to be thrifty and save money on your next move.  However, not having good tools or using poor packing materials could cost you more in the end.  As a final word of advice, the best way to pack for your next move is to not pack for your next move.  Most full service moving companies will offer packing services to any of their customers and by leaving everything up to the pros you can save yourself time and headache.

Wishing everyone safe and stress free moves,

Unique Moving Inc.