Sometimes a move is more than just furniture and boxes.  Maybe it's a safe or a piano on the second floor, at Unique Moving we have the knowledge and experience to move just about anything you might have in your house.  We have been your local moving company in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties for 27 years and during that time we have had some unique requests. 

Check out the list below to see some of the items we can and have moved, don't see an item listed?  Just give us a call any day of the week and ask about it.

  • Piano Moving (Upright or Baby Grand)
  • Hot Tub Moving
  • Large Safe Moving
  • Medical Equipment Moving
  • Office Equipment Moving
  • ATV and Golf Cart Moving
  • Large TV Moving
  • Antiques Moving
  • Artwork Moving

Safe moving equipment

safe moving equipment

We have a special safe moving dolly to securely move your FIRE PROOF SAFES, GUN SAFES, or HOME SAFES to a new location.   This dolly will securely strap in your safe between a 2 part dolly system.  It is unable to go up and down stairs.  

We can also move other specialty items with it as you see in this picture.  This is a special machine which does have a flat bottom and is not too wide.  The 2nd part of this is to use the straps that come with to connect to the other dolly to tighten around the unit to secure move it.