As a moving company, we offer two types of valuation: Basic Liability Coverage and Actual Cash Value. We always recommend Actual Cash Value to protect your items through every step of the moving process. It allows you to move with peace of mind. Below are descriptions of the two valuation options:

Basic Liability Coverage:

Basic Liability Coverage is automatically included with your move. All California movers are required by the state to offer this minimum level of valuation to their customers. Valuation is decided based solely on the weight of the item using the .60 cents per lb formula, the actual value of the item plays no role in this coverage.

Actual Cash Value:

Actual Cash Value is offered at additional cost at the customer’s request. You will need to inform us of the value of their items. Actual Cash Value will cover the repair or replacement  if any items are lost or broken during the move.

$15.00 per $1,000.00 of coverage

Deductible Based on Coverage

$250 up to $9,999.99

$500 over $10,000

*Any single (1)  item worth $5,000.00 or more must be declared before the start of any job performed by Unique Moving Inc.

**MORE details about the coverage see the contract: Combined Agreement for Moving Services and the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Valuation Coverage Examples

Will the Basic Liability coverage properly protect your items?

These examples will show the difference of coverage between the Basic Liability and Actual Cash Value options for your claim settlements.

IMG_20170218_115331 (1).jpg

1.  Cabinet unit: 

  • weight 300lbs

  • Purchased in 2012 for $1,500

Claim settlement amount:

  • Actual Cash Value:  $1,000 (approx)

  • Basic Liability coverage:  $180

2.  55" Flat Screen TV

  • weight 30lbs

  • Purchased in 2015 for $2,000

Claim settlement amount:

  • Actual Cash Value: $1,250 (approx)

  • Basic Liability coverage: $18

Valuation/ Insurance Exclusions


No coverage when your items are in storage, PODS, containers or when NOT in our possession.  Check with your homeowners or renters insurance.  Only covered when being moved on our truck.

Ikea type furniture

There is no coverage for ready to assemble, pressed board, glued, assembled, Ikea furniture or anything similar to that under the insurance/ valuation coverage.  That type of furniture is not made to be moved without issues.   


All file cabinets need to be cleared out off all files and anything left in them.  They are not moved with files because they will shift and the drawers will not work correctly.


Read over the claim process and download the claim form here.   Fill out the the claim sheet and send in per instructions listed.